Bike to Work Challenge 201

We’re glad to have you back for your second (or third or 20th) Bike to Work Challenge! The 2019 challenge runs Friday, June 14th, to Friday, June 28th.

By now, you know that this two-week celebration of all things biking is also a great way to stay fit, start (or continue) commuting by bike AND start a friendly competition with Joe in IT. For a refresher on the rules (what, you don’t have them memorized?), click here.

Are you the leader of your office social squad or looking for a way to boost company culture? You’re a natural B2WC Team Captain. Don’t want to be in charge of herding office cats but still interested in participating? Your team awaits!

New for 2019!

  • Edit the details of your organization. Team captains, this one’s for you. If you made a mistake when registering your team, or want to add a nickname or motivational slogan, the power is yours.
  • An upgraded standings page. We’re not crunching all this rider data for nothing. Check the Contests page daily to view miles biked and points earned at both the team and organization levels.
  • Daily trip log reminders. With 486 things on your to-do list, it’s easy to forget to log those miles once you’ve locked up your bike. Opt-in to receive a gentle poke from our team. Click the link, log your trip and you’re done.