So, how are we being judged? Here’s the nitty gritty:

The Point System

New Commuter = 25 points (be sure to check the new rider box during registration!)
1 Mile = 1 point (receive one point for each mile you ride)
Per Trip = 5 points (max of 10 points per day - to and from work)
5 Days = 50 points (must be 5 consecutive trips)
Per Referral = 10 points (more details below)
Signup with Referral Code = 5 points (more details below)


NEW Bike to Work Challenge Referral Points

Do you have friends or acquaintances in your professional network who love to bike? Earn extra points for your team by encouraging others outside of your organization to sign up for the Bike to Work Challenge!

To start earning points, sign up for the Bike to Work Challenge referral program and we'll send you a unique code to share with others. You'll receive 10 points for each rider who signs up using your code, and they will receive 5 points (hey, they need an incentive to use the code too!). We'll track the number of times your code was used, and add points to your score at the end of the challenge.

Don't think you can pull a fast one and sign up your entire team with your code though! Only riders outside of your organization will count toward your referral point total


Winners and Award Tiers

Your organization wins by having the highest total organizational points in its tier. Total organiational points = every employee registered for the Bike to Work Challenge, under one organization, that completes at least one bike commute from June 14-28, 2019.

Having multiple teams registered under one organization doesn’t affect your overall rating, so don’t get mad if another department wants to split off. Everyone registered for any team under your workplace will be counted toward your total organizational points. 

The award tiers below are based on the type of organization and it's number of employees.